Super EverDrive v2 (DSP Module: DSP1/2/3/4)

  • $85.99

This amazing device allows you to back-up all your original SNES game cartridges (roms) onto a SD card and plug into the Super EverDrive. This allows you to prevent any wear and tear to your original SNES cartridges and allows you to play all your games using this one cartridge. 




  • Max. ROM size up to 7Mbyte
  • Return to menu after reset
  • SRAM auto backup on SD card
  • Supported SD/MMC up to 32GB
  • FAT16 and FAT32 are supported
  • GameGenie cheat codes
  • Simple menu
  • Connection to PC and any additional software is not require
  • USB port for developers (optional)*
  • DSP module. Enhancement chips support: DSP1, DSP2, DSP3 DSP4  (Optional)

*Cartridge shells does not have a hole for USB. 



Super Everdrive & SD2SNES Comparison


Feature Super EverDrive  SD2SNES
Memory Type 8MB Flash ROM 16MB Flash ROM
Instant Loading Games

MAX ROM size 7MB 12MB
MAX Supported SD Cards 32GB 64GB
Auto Region Patching

Real Time Clock

MSU1 Chip

DSP-1 Chip

DSP-2 Chip

DSP-3 Chip

DSP-4 Chip

ST010 Chip

CX4 Chip

S-RTC Chip

OBC-1 Chip

BS-X Chip





Cartridge uses custom made multi region shell. It fits in both american and euro/jap systems.

(This version includes the DSP Chips DSP1, DSP2, DSP3 & DSP4).




User Manual

OS Software (Super EverDrive v2)




Promo materials

KRIKzz YouTube demo

raulpica(English) (Dutch)




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