CARBY Version 2 (Black Adapter) for GameCube (Updated model with 2.4c firmware)

  • $ 101.99 CAD

The GameCube had an amazing library of games such as Mario Sunshine, Luigi's Mansion & Smash Bros Melee. These games deserve to be played lag-free & in stunning clarity on a modern television.

Let us introduce the CARBY V2! This little device  allows you to play your games in 480p on any HD television.



  • Precision molded, metal shielded digital connector crafted to exact OEM specifications, provides an ultra-secure interface with your GameCube
  • Analog output remains open and active for additional sound and video options
  • Completely digital audio and video interface for amazingly clear and precise 480p video and stereo sound
  • Pre-programmed remote control and HDMI cable are included
  • JTAG headers are populated for experienced individuals with a desire to modify or change the firmware
  • This device is powered by GC Video-DVI with firmware version 2.4c which was designed by Ingo Korb and is used with permission under an open source copyright
  • 1 year limited warranty



    Upgrades made to the V2 from the original version include:

    • Special precision molded Infrared polycarbonate shell which appears solid black but is transparent to IR and some red light
    • Firmware version 2.4c adds a chroma bug fix (introduced in 2.4b) and also increases audio volume by about 6 dB while retaining volume control
    • PCB has been refined to be even more efficient and reliable




    Carby Quick-Start-Guide

    Carby Firmware Update



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      *There will be a limited warranty protecting your purchase against manufacturing defects for one year; however damage caused by user modification of the device including reprogramming the firm ware will void the warranty

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